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Order Quarterly Package

Registration Form
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Step 1:

The inmate MUST establish a MOB – TRUST ACCOUNT by completing the “Registration Form.” (Only inmates can establish a MOB – TRUST ACCOUNT) Family and friends can make deposits to the trust account once an inmate is registered.

Check online under “Registered Inmates” for your loved one’s registration number or request it from your loved one.


Step 2:

REMEMBER – There is a $10.00 per transaction fee, which will be deducted from the deposit amount. This is to help our organization with the “mass incarceration, recidivism, recruiting, redirecting, mentoring, job services, and support to inmate’s children”.

Deposit Form


Step 3:

Thanks to the contributions amount from supportive family and friends, the inmate can now choose to purchase from one of three vendors.

Inmates and family will be able to submit a “Package Order Form” or a hand-written list specifying the vendor of their choice.
Mail package order forms to:

  • Money on Books
  • 40335 Winchester Rd Ste E523
  • Temecula, CA 92591-5518


Step 4:

Money on Books will mail the inmate a confirmation letter once the inmate’s order has been completed.

In addition, Money on Books provides a monthly statement that is sent on the first of each month throughout the duration of his/her pending package order. 

*An inmate’s order will be held until full payment is made. If the order is not paid in full within a specific program ordering period (First two quarters: Jan 1st to June 30th, Last two quarters: July 1st – Dec. 31st) the order will be canceled.