1-844-MOB-MOB4 (1-844-662-6624)

Purchase MoneyPak Cards







For that special someone

Funds can be loaded to any eligible prepaid card that is active, personalized with the cardholder’s name, and authorized to accept loads from the Green Dot Network.

All sales are final.

Choose someone you know and trust to receive your MoneyPak numbers.

Once Money on Books has emailed the 14 digit number, along with the image of the card, those numbers can be loaded onto someone’s card, therefore the transaction cannot be refunded nor reversed.

Please redeem the MoneyPak numbers within 30 days of receiving the email. Money on Books will destroy the card after sending the email.

Money on Books will not be responsible for any MoneyPak load issues.

The email address provided must be correct, active, and easy to read. This is your responsibility.





That time of the year is here!

  • Get your child shoes, backpack, pens and pencils, notebook, and etc…Back to School
  • Costume, Pumpkin, Candy, and etc…Halloween
  • Turkey, dressing, cakes, pies, and all the fixings…Thanksgiving
  • Christmas tree, clothes, giving, and etc…Christmas

Money On Books provides inmates with the tools (MoneyPak) to help out during this stressful and joyful time of year. First, by using Money on Books to purchase a MoneyPak, you will be able to get your son or daughter ready for their first day of school, and etc…

As an inmate support, Money on Books tries to provide the answers to the problems.

Must be registered with Money on Books & must have funds in your MOB Trust Account before ordering a MoneyPak

  1. There is a *$10.00 Money on Books fee on all orders.
  2. Once the MoneyPak card is purchased, a copy of the MoneyPak card and the 14 digits will be emailed to the email address of the inmate’s choice.
  1.  A confirmation letter will be mailed to the inmate.