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Orange – County Jail

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Orange – County Jail


Money on Books provides safe and secure deposits by using either Access Corrections, JPay, TouchPay, or *USPS Money Orders.

All orders are processed the next business day (Monday-Fridays, 9:00am – 5:00pm PST, Excluding Holidays and Weekends).

We deliver to correctional facilities via in-person, by mail, or electronically (24 to 72 hours after the credit card transaction has processed and cleared).

Some correctional facilities only accept USPS Money Orders. For those correctional facilities, please allow an additional 5-7 days for mail delivery and processing by the correctional facilities.

When your family comes across hard times, simple tasks can prove to be difficult. If you have a loved one that has been incarcerated, making sure they have the funds they need can be one of these problematic duties. Send money to an inmate the easy and stress-free way with Money on books, we will properly take care of all their needs.

Our inventive and helpful company provides inmate deposit services to relieve our customers from this daunting duty during an already rough time in their lives. Having to deal with a loved one away from home is hard enough. Knowing they have money to better their quality of life is one less burden. Get the help you need with our resourceful and compassionate services.


  1. Sender’s name kept confidential;
  2. Multiple credit cards and debit cards accepted;
  3. We do not store credit card information;
  4. Fast and reliable deposits to correctional facilities;
  5. Your deposit supports Money on Books’ Inmate Support;
  6. When Registered with Money on Books, you and your family will receive exclusive offers, discounts, and deals from Money on Books and from some of their sponsors.
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Inmate Account