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Inmate Accounts

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  • Money on Books provides safe and secure deposits by using either Access Money, JPay, TouchPay, or USPS Money Orders.
  • Money on Books delivers to correctional facilities via in-person, by mail, or electronically (24 to 72 hours after the debt/credit card transaction has processed and cleared).
  • Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm PST, excluding holidays and weekends.
  • A $10.00 fee will be subtracted from your deposit for Money on Books’ Support Services.


Option #1

Trust Accounts

Your deposit will be HELD in an irrevocable trust account until Money on Books receives a letter from the inmate.

An IRREVOCABLE TRUST ACCOUNT grants the trustee (Money on Books) with the power to make discretionary distributions on behalf of the grantor (Inmate).

*** This is a convenient way for the inmate to have more options with their deposited funds. For example, buying books, magazines, gift cards, gift baskets, canteen, etc…

  1. Once the debit/credit card transaction been approved, the funds then belongs to the inmate.
  2. MOB will immediately mail a confirmation letter & registration form to the inmate.
  3. The letter will inform him/her of the dollar amount.
  4. The registration form must be mailed to MOB, in order for the inmate to have access to their funds.
  5. Only the inmate can request a refund (by mail).

Inmate Account


Option #2

Correctional Facility Deposit

Funds will be DEPOSITED at the inmate’s place of incarceration.

  1. Deposits are processed, and funds are delivered to the correctional facilities in 24 to 72 hours (excluding holidays and weekends).
    *** The correctional institution may take additional time in posting the deposited funds. Money on Books is not responsible for any delays caused by the correctional institution’s process and/or procedures.
  2. MOB will immediately mail a confirmation letter to the inmate.
  3. If the inmate is Out of Custody, a refund can be requested (by mail) by the card owner only.

Inmate Account



If you would like to make a deposit using a cashier check or institutional check see this page: Check Deposits


Registration Form

Registration Form
Online Form   View/Print Form 


  1. The inmate MUST establish a MOB – TRUST ACCOUNT by completing the “Registration Form.”
  2. Only inmates can establish a MOB – TRUST ACCOUNT.
  3. Family and friends can make deposits into the inmate’s MOB – TRUST ACCOUNT once an inmate is registered.
  4. Check online under “Registered Inmates” for your loved one’s registration number or request it from your loved one.

Inmate Account