1-844-MOB-MOB4 (1-844-662-6624)

Unused Postage Stamps


  • A Money on Books’ – Inmate Trust Account will be established in your (inmate’s) name.
  • Money on Books will order Packages, Books, Magazines, Gifts cards, MoneyPak, and etc. for you.

What We Pay

Book of 10 = $4.00
Book of 20 = $8.00

Complete sheet(s) or book(s) only, of all Forever Stamps.
**Pricing is for stamps in good undamaged condition.


Partial/Folded sheets, books, rolls, or singles…Computer printed or metered postage
Bulk Rate, Nonprofit, or Presort postage.


Lost or Undelivered stamps.


Fraudulent or Stolen stamps. Any fraudulent or stolen stamps will be surrendered to the United States Postal Inspectors department, because we reserve the right, without notice, to report what we believe to be fraudulent or stolen items. These stamps will not be returned.

Money on Books accepts books of 20 and 10 stamps for purchase. Money on Books will create and credit your MONEY ON BOOKS – TRUST ACCOUNT upon receipt of receiving the stamps, as long as the unused stamps are in excellent condition. A receipt will be mailed to you upon receiving the stamps. $8.00 for book 20 and $4.00 for book 10. Maximum number – 10 of books of stamps per envelope (2 stamps on the envelope).

As your MONEY ON BOOKS – TRUST ACCOUNT accumulates money, you can send Money on Books your special request. Anything from ordering books, magazines, packages, etc., Money on Books will handle it for you. (There is a $10.00 fee per request.)




1. Is Money on Books familiar with JPay, Access, etc.?
Yes, Money on Books is familiar with JPay, Access, etc.


2. Will Money on Books automatically mail checks to JPay, Access, etc. on your behalf?
Money on Books will not forward a check to any of the above on your behalf. Money on Books will hold the funds in a Money on Books – Trust Account until you instruct Money on Books on what to do with the funds. (The request Must be made in a separate envelope.)

If you instruct Money on Books to send funds to your correctional facility, then Money on Books will forward funds electronically using Access, JPay, or USPS Money Order. If you request for a package to be ordered for you, just mail Money on Books your packing list. ($10.00 fee per request)


3. What is the approximate processing time from when Money on Books receives stamps, and to have the funds placed on an inmate’s correctional facility trust account?
It normally takes 1 week to process and credit your Money on Books’ Trust Account. That is from the time Money on Books receives your envelope. Money on Books do not automatically forward funds to correctional facilities. The request Must be made in a separate envelope.

Please understand that although you deliver the mail to the correctional institution, mail does not always go out that same day. Correctional facilities will inspect the mail before mailing. You should also take into account holidays and weekends, therefore we might not receive your envelope for 2 weeks.


4. Will Money on Books receive the books of stamps if a person’s name and CDC number has been written on it?
Money on Books will accept these books stamps.


5. If Money on Books deem that the stamps are unacceptable, will Money on Books mail the stamps back?
No, Money on Books will not mail the stamps back. – SASE or not, it takes a lot of man power, time, and money. In addition, you knew before mailing, that the book of stamps was unacceptable. Please do not put tape on the stamps.


Disclaimer: Money on Books, a California Non-Profit Corporation, is a registered 501c3, tax-exempt organization. Money on Books is registered with the State of California, Attorney General Office under the Registry of Charitable Trusts (CT0239266), which administers the statutory registration program. All donations are tax-deductible in full or in part. All donations which Money on Books ask for goes towards their operational cost (20%), and towards Inner City Youth Recruitment Services (20%), Mentoring Services (20%), Ex-offender’s Job Services (20%), and Group Homes Services (20%). You can rest assure that Money on Books is organized and operates exclusively for exempt purposes as set forth in section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Service’s code, and none of their earnings will inure to any private shareholder or individual. In addition, Money on Books is not an action organization, i.e., Money on Books won’t attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of our activities and Money on Books won’t participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates. Money on Books is an inmate support organization that provides support for inmates and inmate’s children.

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