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Make a Donation

We ask for small donations to help cover the cost of doing business and to assist with our many projects for our communities.

Donors will be informed electronically when their contributions are received, delivered, and/or placed.  In addition, and to make things easier for our donors, we accept donations in the forms of checks, money orders, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal Cash, Money Gram, and Western Union.

Donations will be used for the purchase of educational materials, school items and supplies, clothes, books, food, toys, gifts, and equipment.


It’s not a handout

It’s a hand up! We come alongside boys at the group homes and ex-offenders and help them become self-sufficient.

Money on Books, group homes sponsorship is an amazing model that allows for a one-on-one relationship. While pooling the gifts of all sponsors who support group home boys, donors along with Money on Books can provide long-term resources for lasting change.

Group home boys and ex-offenders does not receive direct cash benefits like a welfare system, because giving the contribution does not ensure responsible spending or that the child will be able to sustain itself once Money on Books is no longer working with him.

We believe in effective development.  This releases people from long-term poverty, because in helping these group home boys discover their God-given potential as human beings, they will develop, master, and get an understanding of self and their unique potential. Spiritual transformation can instill hope and promise for the future.

The goal of Money on Books’ group homes sponsorship is to make life better for boys at the group homes and ex-offenders. Our group homes sponsorship programs have four basic aspirations that guide our work and on which our work is measured. Group Home boys have the right to enjoy good health; be educated for life; be cared for, protected, and participating in their communities; and experience the love of God and their neighbors.

In areas where permitted, Money on Books works with local churches to ensure that a sponsor’s gift will also help provide a decent education program to give group home boys the chance to learn about themselves and God’s love.

The costs of keeping records on sponsored group home boys, translating and forwarding letters, and meeting emergencies are also covered through the monthly sponsorship gifts. Your sponsorship may last several years, depending on the needs of an inmate’s child. The goal of Money on Books sponsorship is to help a sponsored child to break the cycle of having an incarcerated parent so they can step into the future with hope.

When these goals are met, Money on Books can move on to other communities to serve other group home boys in need of help.


Supports to Caregivers & Family Members

Recognizing that decisions made by the Caregivers affects the daily lives of the group home boys in their care, Money on Books extends support supports to the guardians, family members, & caregivers of the group home boys we serve.

Support supports for families and caregivers are offered to assist them in acquiring healthy coping strategies in managing the emotional, mental and financial challenges of caring for the child of an incarcerated parent.

Parent support group meetings are offered monthly to provide a forum for care providers to discuss their concerns and struggles in a setting that is safe and reassuring and which provides a support base of individuals who share and understand their circumstances. Parents receive referrals for any support supports not offered through Money on Books.

In addition to Parent Support Group meetings, Money on Books provides:

  • 24 hour crisis supports
    • Empowerment Groups
    • Parenting Classes
    • Advocacy
    • Care Coordination Supports
    • Recreational Activities