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Money on Books is contesting mass incarceration and recidivism, by recruiting and redirecting those who could become victims of it, while providing support for inmate’s children, family, and friends.  Money on Books is not limited to only inmate’s support, but limitless in the services provided to inner city communities.  Most of all, as a California non-profit corporation, Money on Books is available to all.

Money on Books is bringing the accountability back to the father’s and mother’s that are incarcerated.  These incarcerated parents are now able to take charge of their life, regardless their circumstances. Their inability to take care of their children is a stress that cannot be helped with medication alone.  These inabilities can only be helped with hands-on involvement.  Knowing that “hands on” is not an option, their next option is financial support for those whom are watching over their children.

Money on Books allows fathers and mothers who are incarcerated to become involved.  What better help can a father or mother provide to their children, than to buy school clothes and/or school supplies for them.  On special occasions, fathers and mothers can purchase gift cards or gift baskets and have them sent to either their children, or to their children’s care taker.

In addition to the above, what better statement can an inmate make to the parole board and/or the courts than to provide a Money on Books monthly statement which documents their responsibilities and efforts.  Money on Books provides an itemized monthly statement to all its registered inmates.  Not only will registered inmates be recognized by their family and friends for their contributions and efforts, but now they will be recognized by the parole boards and the courts.

Let’s not forget about Money on Books mission statement of contesting mass incarceration by recruiting and redirecting those who could become victims of it.  Money on Books prides itself on trying to tackle some of the most troubling issues that plague our society of today.   From the many children left behind and placed in group homes due to mass incarceration (Group Home Services); To giving inner city youth the pathway to uplifting, helping, and policing their own communities, by giving them the pathways and tools of knowing how to apply (Inner City Youth Recruitment Services).  Mentoring with morals, optimism, and bravery is what Money on Books is looking for in its mentors.  These mentors must be willing to help eradicate societies plagues, by uplifting an inner-city youth with their knowledge and ability of becoming a well-respected officer, and with the pathway to a law enforcement career (Mentoring Services).

In addition, Money on Books have created a program to help men and women seeking a fresh start once released, to develop the attitude, skills, and tools to gain employment (Ex-Offender Job Services).

Money on Books is the solution to the problem.