1-844-MOB-MOB4 (1-844-662-6624)

Calvin Gullett

CDCR # BD4678 Meet Calvin Gullett California State Prison, Sacramento (SAC) PO Box 290066, Represa, CA 95671 Introduction: 1. Date of Birth 8/18/82 2. Gender Male 3. Race African American, Native American 4. Sexual Orientation Straight 5. Religion/Spirituality...

Paul Adams

CDCR # F92755 Meet Paul Adams California Correctional Institution (CCI) Facility E – PO Box 107, Tehachapi, CA 93581 Introduction: HELLO. I WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE MYSELF MORE WARMLY. I AM ROMANTIC, I AM NOT GAY BUT ENJOY FEMALE AND MALE COMPANY ALL THE SAME.I...

Los Angeles – LA County Jail

Friends and families can deposit money in an inmate’s account with a credit or debt card. Less stress, no traffic, flat fee, and an easy to use website. http://www.moneyonbooks.org 

Deposits to the Los Angeles County Jail. 24 to 48 hrs window deposits. $10.00 per transaction.